How We Met

Our last photo before we were engaged (about 30 mins later)
In between graduating SUNY Delhi and attending Syracuse, Richard spent a semester at JCC taking classes. Brianna was a senior in high school at the time, also attending JCC part time in a successful attempt to obtain early admission credits.

They met, but never spoke, in that spring semester of 2004 Calculus class. Fast forwarding two years later to January of 2006, both were attending Syracuse University, and through Facebook reconnected - the exact pick-up line, "Long time since math class." Neither will admit who facebooked whom.

Their first date was to Brianna’s friend’s 21st (shout out to Diana Missert) birthday, and the rest is history. Three years later, Richard proposed.

Our Wedding
We are getting married January 2, 2010 in Watertown, NY and our colors are black and silver with white as an accent color. This site is my planning bio for the knot, but if you'd like to see our real wedding website (the one that was included on invitations, etc) please let me know!

EDIT: Since we're married, I decided to add in wedding photos here, but keep my planning stuff, so you can see the evolution of ideas, to actual practice!!! Most of the photos are non pro since the pro ones are too large to upload for free.